When a new stock item or a new size for an existing stock item is added onto Opex III it is automatically allocated a barcode number.

To print a barcode label for a new stock item or new size you will need to create a new stock file for the ZebraDesigner Pro software.

In Opex III go to Administration then Stock then click on Barcode.

Click on Actions and then select Download items in CSV format.

Select Open With then select Notepad from the drop down to the right, then click OK.

From Notepad click File then Save As

Save the file to the same directory as the old file. The file is normally located on the local or shared drive in a folder called Labels. It is important that you save the new file with the same name as the old one. If you would like assistance with this please call the support number 01476 516516.

When you try to save the file you will see a message saying that the file already exists. Click OK to replace it.

To print a barcode label for the new stock item or new size open ZebraDesigner Pro and select the last used label.

As long as you named the new file the same as the old one when you click on the Print button the new file will automatically be loaded and ready for you to select the labels that you want to print.