If you do not use the Purchase Ordering module you can add a delivery for stock items only via the stock module.

Go to Stock and search for the stock item you want to enter a delivery for.

From the bottom grid click on the Purchase Orders Advice tab.

A list of all outstanding orders for this stock item will be shown by size.

Click on the line for the size that you want to enter a delivery for.

Then click the Goods In button

Enter the quantity that you have actually received into the Quantity field. If you have not received the full amount that was on the original order, the outstanding quantity will remain on order until you enter another Goods In record or you delete it. You should only delete a line on an order if you are certain that the stock will not be delivered as you cannot retrieve it once it has been deleted. To delete a line click on the line then click the Delete button.

Please note that you cannot enter a quantity greater than the original order quantity. If you did receive more you will need to enter another order for the additonal quantity.

In the Supplier Ref field enter the delivery note number/advice note number that was sent with the goods from the supplier. This will help if you need to contact the supplier about the delivery.

Click OK and this will add the quantity onto the stock level.

The following message will appear which informs you if there are any outstanding requisitions for the stoock item/size that you have just booked in. Click ok.

Repeat the above for each size that has been delivered.