**You can only add a serial number if the Total Stock for the item/size is greater than the Serial Numbers in Store**

To add a single serial number or a batch of serial numbers go to Stock>Serial Numbers>Serial Batches and select the item you want to enter serial numbers for.

Click the Add Batch button and enter the following information:

- supplier

- loading method:

     - Range will allow you to enter multiple numbers that run sequentially eg 100,101,102,103,104 etc

     - Load from file allows you to load serial numbers from an excel spread sheet

     - Add serial numbers free form allows you to manually enter the serial numbers you want to add eg 100, 180, 6002, 99156

- size

- warehouse

- supplier reference if applicable

- batch serial number - this is the serial number of the entire batch, possibly the serial number of the box that the stock was delivered in

- batch qty

- expiry date if applicable

- prefix - this will add a prefix to the beginning of all serial numbers in the batch

- suffix - this will add a suffix at the end of all serial numbers in the batch

- starting from - enter the lowest number in the batch

- step - enter the increment number of the serial numbers eg 10 will add 10 onto each serial number eg 10, 20, 30 etc

- zero fill - N

- item condition if applicable

- release - Y will add the serial numbers into the warehouse. N will hold back the serial numbers until you are ready to release them.

Then click OK