Listed below are the configuration settings for OPEX Barcode:

OPEX Server Address - this is the url for Opex

OPEX Server Login - this is the web address that a customer site uses to connect to Opex

OPEX Warehouse - the default warehouse

OPEX Default Reason Code - the comment code that will be assigned to all requisitions entered via the handheld scanner

OPEX Staff Field - the field that is used to identify the officer. This can either be staff code (staff_code) or epaulette number (epl_number). A change may be required to Speedgen.

The following 3 fields will over ride the parameters that are set in Opex Administration > System > Installed Modules > Requisitions

See * below for a table of requisition statuses for the various Opex and OPEX Barcode Auto combinations.

OPEX Auto Submit - will automatically submit a requisition

OPEX Auto Approve - will automatically approve a requisition

OPEX Auto Pick - will automatically pick and complete a requisition, which means the picking stage will be bypassed and hence no picking list will be generated.

OPEX Auto Wait - will automatically complete a requisition so any lines at EA or SQ will move to OS and a dispatch note will be produced

Barcode Mode - set to Entry

Barcode Source Directory - the location of the data file that is downloaded from the hand held scanner that will be used by OPEX Barcode

Barcode Process Queue Automatically - if more than one requisition is entered and downloaded from the hand held the files will wait to be manually processed. If you select the tick box the files will automatically be processed once the Submit button has been clicked.

OPEX Username - barcode

OPEX Password - set by Datatecnix

Print Dispatch - if ticked a Dispatch Note will automatically be printed.

Printer Name - the name of the printer for dispatch notes. Click on the look up icon to search for available printers.

Landscape - tick to print the dispatch note in landscape.

Copies - enter the number of dispatch notes you want to print.

OPEX Dispatch Code - the default dispatch template will be used unless a company specific dispatch us entered ie dispatchNC.rdlc

OPEX Dispatch View - the view in Opex that the dispatch is printed on

OPEX Add New Stocktake Items - the first time you submit a stocktake file to Opex, if it contains a barcode for an item/size that is not on the Opex generated stocktake list it will automatically add the item/size to the stocktake table if the tick box is selected. If the tick box is not selected the 'new' barcode will appear in the Stocktake tab in OPEX Barcode with an Action of Add. It will then be added to the stocktake table once you click Submit.

OPEX Add to Existing Lines - if a stock item/size has been scanned more than once during stocktake, the quantity will be added to the previous scan. If the box is not ticked the quantity scanned will always Replace the previous count.

Combine Jobs - tick to allow mulitple sequentially scanned requisitions to be processed as one.

Modify Cost Codes - tick to allow the cost code for a requisition to be modified. The cost code will be applied to ALL lines on a requisition. Please note that the field can only be updated via the configuration file.


The config file is located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Datatecnix\OPEX III Barcode\OPEXBarcode.exe

* Requisition Statuses for the various Opex & OPEXBarcode combinations

1.  Opex parameters Auto Approve = Y, Issue Picking List = Y


Auto Submit                          N                   Y                     Y                      

Auto Approve                        N                   N                     N                   


Auto Pick                               N                   N                     Y                   

Requisition status             EN                  AL                  CM                



2.  Opex parameters Auto Approve = N, Issue Picking List = N


Auto Submit                            N                   Y                     Y                         

Auto Approve                          N                   N                     Y                      


Auto Pick                                 N                   N                     N                      

Requisition status               EN                 SU                  CM                   



3.  Opex parameters Auto Approve = Y, Issue Picking List = N


Auto Submit                               N                 Y                     

Auto Approve                             N                 N                   


Auto Pick                                    N                 N                 

Requisition status                  EN              CM               



4.  Opex parameters Auto Approve = N, Issue Picking List = Y


Auto Submit                               N                  Y                    Y                      Y  

Auto Approve                             N                  N                    Y                      Y


Auto Pick                                    N                  N                    N                      Y

Requisition status                  EN                SU                  AL                   CM


OPEX Auto Pick - will automatically pick and complete a requisition or bypass the picking stage ???????. No picking list will be printed ????