Before you can start to use the Sales Invoicing module the following configurations need to be set up:

1. Sales Line Type

Go to Administration > Sales > Sales Line Type

This screen allows you to set up different 'Types' of line that can be used when creating a sales invoice.

You will probably only require 3 line types:

1. A fixed charge ie an administration charge of £7.50 to be applied to each invoice

2. A variable charge (mark up or mark down) to be applied to the stock unit cost ie +10%

3. No extra charge to be applied. The stock will be sold at the Opex unit price.

To add a Line Type click New Sales Line Type and enter the following:

- Line Type - this is a code that will determine the line type ie F for fixed, V for Variable, 0 for no charge.

- Type Description - enter a description for the line type. This field is for inhouse use only and will not be printed on the invoice.

- Line Type Value - if the line type is fixed enter the amount ie £7.50. If the line type is variable enter the mark up/mark down ie if you want to add 10% to the unit cost of the stock item enter 1.1 and if you want to reduce the unit cost by 10% enter 0.9. If no charge is to be applied enter 1.

- Line Description Display - this will be printed on the sales invoice for all fixed line types.

- Disabled - enter N.

- Is Fixed - enter Y or N

Click OK to add the Line Type.

You can add multiple fixed and variable line types for different amounts and mark ups/mark downs.

In the screen shot below 3 line types have been set up:

F - A fixed type for an administration charge of £7.50

V - A variable type for a markup of 10%

0 - No extra charge

It is possible to set up a default line type. Please advise Dataecnix support which line type you require as the default.

2. Sales Vat

To add a VAT rate go to Administration > Sales > Sales Vat

Click New Sales Vat and enter the following:

- Vat Description - Standard rate

- Vat Amount - enter the Vat rate as a decimal ie 20% is 0.2

- Disabled - enter N.

Click OK to add the Vat rate.

The default VAT rate will be set to 20%.

When you add a sales invoice for a stock item the VAT rate will be picked up from the main stock item record.

If no VAT rate is set up against the stock item the default VAT rate of 20% will be used.