To run reports for Sales Invoicing go to Sales Invoices > Reporting.

On the right hand side of the screen there is a drop down called View. This allows you to run 3 different reports:

1. Search (the default report) - this report contains the majority of information that you will need for each sales invoice line

2. Sales Invoice Detail - this report is a summary of each sales invoice line

3. Download - this is a full detailed report for each sales invoice line, including extra stock and staff data

You can apply filters to certain fields before running the reports. This will ensure that the reports only show the data that you have requested.

There are 3 default filters displayed:

- Item Code

- Description

- Staff code

You can add or remove filters by clicking on the green + button and the red - button.

Once you have applied your filters click the Search button on the right hand side of the screen to run the report.

If you do not apply any filters and click Search all of the sales invoice lines will be displayed.

In the screen shot below a filter has been applied to the Item Code for any item Beginning with the letters CLC

You can also apply a filter by clicking the column heading drop down. In the screen shot below a filter is being applied to the Status Code (Line) field of any line that equals CM

At the bottom of the screen you will see fields called Count and Sum. To see which fields the Count and Sum totals are for, hover over the Count or Sum and the field will be displayed.

To download the data into excel or a pdf click the Actions or Report button.

For instructions on how to download the data into excel click on the following link: