Available in version 1.7.0.

You can directly upload a stock count from a csv file.

Go to Stock > Stocktake

Click New and enter a description for your stocktake then click OK.

A grid will appear in the lower half of the screen that will list all of the stock items and sizes in all of the warehouses.

If required apply filters to the warehouse, items, on stop etc fields to specify which stock items you want to count then click Finalise Items.

From here you can download the stocktake list into excel, input the count using excel then upload the file back into Opex.

To download the stocktake list click Download Stocktake.

For instructions on how to download to excel click on the following link.


Please note, it is important to follow these instructions to ensure the data is downloaded in the correct format.

The only fields that need to be in the upload are:

- stocktake number

- item code

- size code

- warehouse code

- counted

Any other columns in the spreadsheet will be ignored.

Enter the counted figures into your excel spreadsheet. When you have finished save your excel spreadsheet as a csv file. 

Please note the file must be saved as a csv file. If you are unsure how to do this please contact Datatecnix Support.

Go back to Opex and in the stocktake lower grid click Upload Stock Count.

Click browse and locate the stocktake file that you saved in excel and click Open. The following screen will be displayed.

Enter an email address in the field at the bottom of the pop up box. If there are any problems with the upload a log file will be sent to this email address. Then click Import.

The counted quantities that you input into the excel spread sheet will now appear in the Counted column in the stock take table.

If you reload the spreadsheet or a stock item is in twice it will overwrite the counted quantity.

You can then Calculate Variances and Post your stock take figures in the normal way.