The Quick Find Tool is used to help search for records ie stock items, staff codes, purchase order numbers, requisition numbers etc.

Most screens in Opex have a Quick Find box and they are located on the left hand side of the blue action bar of each screen.

To use the Quick Find box enter a key word(s), letter(s) or number(s) into the box then press Enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass to the right of the box. The Quick Find box is not case sensitive. A search will be carried out on all of the columns and rows within the grid and the matches will be displayed.

Tips for seaching:

1. Words separated by a space will search for results containing both words in any order ie shirt female

2. Words separated by a comma will search for results containing either word ie shirt, female

3. Words with a dash (-) at the beginning will exclude them from the search ie shirt -female  This will search for the words containing shirt and exclude all of the results containing the word female. 

If you search for a common surname such as Brown there will be multiple matches so it is advisable to include additional information in the search, for example a forename, epaulette number, service number or staff code. In which case you would enter Brown James, James Brown, Brown 9953 etc into the Quick Find box. This will result in the search being quicker and it will provide more accurate matches. 

Another point to note is that when you enter one key word into the Quick Find box the search will look for those letters in that order so it may produce more results than expected. For example if you searched for the word shirt the matches would show female shirts, male shirts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts etc. To narrow down the matches you could search for more than one word like male shirt black. The search would look for all of the words, in any order. The letters 'male' are contained in the word 'female' so the search would also show female black shirts. To ensure only female shirts are listed you would need to enter the word female into the Quick Find box.

After you have performed a search using the Quick Find box a yellow line will be displayed below the blue action bar. The yellow line will display the filters that have been applied. In the screen shot below a search was performed for the words 'shirt male black'.

To remove the filter either click on the X on the far right of the yellow line or hover over the words 'shirt male black' until a black horizontal line appears then left click your mouse.