All staff in the OPEX system are given a Rank. This is used primarily for determining items that can be ordered (are visible) in the Self Service Module.

In many cases an individual can have more than one position or role in an organisation. For example, a staff member may also be a Health and Safety Official, or for two days a week they may work at a different location doing a different job.

Within OPEX both of these are examples of Roles. A staff member can be assigned multiple roles, and each role can have different item entitlements, as well as location and budget information.


Roles can be added and modified in  Administration | Staff | Roles.  You can see which staff have which roles assigned to them, add staff members individually or use the Active Staff tab to add the same role to multiple staff.

A role can have Rank (Catalogue ), Location and Cost/Budget Code information associated with it

When you add a role to a staff member you can optionally provide alternate Rank (Catalogue ), Location and Cost/Budget Code information, this will override the information set at the Role Level.

You can also add/modify Role information on the Role Tab for a staff member choose Staff the main menu and select a staff member