Entitlement Catalogues are used  as part of the Staff Self Service Module to control the stock items that a staff member is entitled to order and can see in the Catalogue.

Item Filters provide extra levels of control on entitlement, currently item filters exists for Gender and for Constabulary. These are specified on an Item Basis.

An item marked as Female would only be displayed if the staff member was recorded as being Female, leaving it blank allows all genders to view the item.

A catalogue is created by an Administrator, and is linked to one or more Ranks and Items.  An item and a rank can only be associated with one catalogue.

There is a special Catalogue called Every that is used to identify items that are available to all staff and therefore does not have a Rank associated with it.

An item will be visible to a staff member using the Self Service Module if:

- the item exists in the Every Catalogue

- the Catalogue is associated with the Rank/Role that they have been assigned

- AND the item filters match the staff members profile

 The example below show the catalogue associated with the rank of Fire Fighter:

A female staff member with the Rank of Fire Fighter from West Yorkshire Fire would see all four stock items.

A male staff member with the Rank of Fire Fighter would see two items (A/A001 & A/A009).

Building the Catalogue

You can associate the Catalogue with an individual Rank by editing the Rank Record in  Administration | Staff | Staff Ranks


and you can add an Item to a Catalogue by editing the item record in Stock | Item

Or you can use the Catalogue Screen in  Administration | Staff | Catalogues to build the Catalogue adding multiple ranks and items at the same time.

Administration | Staff | Catalogues

Select the Catalogue and it will display the associated items and ranks, and allow you to add and remove as required.