The Catalogue that is used for Self Service and the budget code that is used when a requisition is submitted are determined by the Role of the staff member who is requesting the items.  If a staff member has more than one role then they can select which role they are entering a request against.

In the staff / role hierarchy, ranks (catalogues) and budget codes can be assigned at four levels:

  1. A staff member will have a rank (catalogue) and a location (budget code) assigned
  2. A role may have a rank (catalogue) and budget code assigned
  3. A staff member in a role can have a rank (catalogue) and location (budget code) assigned
  4. A staff member in a role can have a budget code assigned

Options configured at a higher (number) level override those defined earlier.

In the example below, the staff member has 3 roles assigned plus their normal rank and location designation.

If they select the role of Crew Manager - Bradford Fire Station, they can order items from the Catalogue MGR, and the costs will be associated with Budget Code 200040.  

In the Self Service Module they would see the following Catalogue Screen:

If they change their role to be Fire Fighter - Bradford Arson Task Force they would see a different Catalogue called FF and the budget code FM1213 would be used. 

Similarly if they select the role of Search and Rescue a different catalogue will be displayed, and a central Budget Code would be used.