Go to Requisitions then Reporting.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a drop down box called View. Click on the drop down and select Requisition Lines All.

To run a report for a particular stock item you will need to add filters to the fields listed in the report.

There are 3 fields that are displayed for you to add a filter to; rq Line#, Type & Item. You can change any of these by clicking on the drop down to the right of the field. To add/remove the filter fields click on the red - or the green +.

To run a report for one particular stock item place a filter on the Item field. To the right of the box that says Item click on the drop down and select Equals then in the final box on that line enter the item code. Then click Search.

In the above screen shot a filter has been added to list all requisition lines with an item code that equals CLC-001.

If you wanted to only see the requisition lines that had been issued, you would need to add another filter to the status field that Equals CM.

The 8th column from the left is called Status. Click on the drop down to the right of it and a list will appear of all of the available statuses. Click on CM. This will then display all lines at CM.

Once you have the data displayed that you require you can export it to excel, pdf etc.

For instructions on how to download data into excel click on the following link:


The Requisition Reporting screen can be used for other reports. By clicking on the View drop down you can select out of stock line items, lines requiring approval etc.