How to add a staff record

To add a staff record select the Staff option from the main menu then click New Staff Record.

Enter the following details under the General tab:

- Staff Code

- Title eg Mr, Mrs

- Initials

- Forename

- Surname

- Rank - click in the box and select a rank from the list

- Epl No - if applicable

- Location - this is a compulsory field. Click in the box and select the location of the staff member.

- Join Date

- Leave Date - leave this blank for a new staff member. This field should only be populated when the staff member leaves.

- Comments - this is a free text field for notes regarding the staff member eg allergic to leather

- Email

- Constabulary - if applicable

- Telephone

- Gender - clcik the drop down and select Male or Female

- Active - Y or N

Now click on the System tab:

Enter the following details if applicable:

- Opex User Credentials - this is user type ie FinanceManager or the log on ID

- Opex User Name - ie Officer, storesadministrator, financeadministrators

- Purchase Order Approval Level - if the staff member can approve purchase orders click the box and select the appropriate PO approval level

- Opex User - enter Y if the staff member is allowed to use Opex, otherwise enter N

- Internal

- Allow Restricted Access - click the following link for further information

- Allow Access To - click the following link for further information

Click OK to add the new Staff Record.

How to update a staff record

To update a staff record click on the drop down box to the right of the officers surname and click Select.

Then click the Edit button.

Once you have made the changes click Ok.