Some users have experienced problems with sizes not being saved when adding them to a kit list on a requisition.
The problem arises when you reach the last size field on each page of the kit list.
In the screen shot below size 48 for item 104-040-EPS is the last size on the current page to be entered. Notice how the size 48 has a white box around it. That means that the size has not been confirmed/held. If you now clicked onto page 2 of the kit list the size 48 for 104-040-EPS would disappear.
To confirm/hold the size simply click somewhere else in the bottom grid ie the line above then move onto page 2. The same procedure needs to be applied to the last size you enter on every page.
A couple of suggestions that will help you when adding sizes to a kit list:
- before you start adding sizes to a kit change the Items per Page to 25. This will reduce the number of pages that the kit list is ‘spread’ over.

- once you have finished entering all of the sizes and before you click Add Kit to Items, click Previous page to double check that the sizes have been held.